The newsletter of the Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association (IIHA): Indoor Air Quality for September 2018 Edition is now available.

Read a special article written by IIHA General Secretary, Madam Mila Tejamaya, SSi, MOSH, PhD; IIHA Administrator, Miss Mahmuda Soraya, SKM; and IIHA Deputy Director IV Mr. Stevan Sunarno, SKM, MKKK.


You can access and download IIHA Newsletter: Indoor Air Quality for September 2018 Edition by clicking here.

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The ANOH-CON 2018 welcomes and encourages students via venue of ANOH-CON 2018 to establish professional links and to share their knowledge and ambition. Through competition,student awards are offered to poster presentations and posters of popularity. Students to enter competition should be those currently enrolled in accredited universities in undergraduate or graduate programs and be the first author of posters. To qualify for the competition the authors should so indicate by checking “Students” and “Student Poster Competition” when completing registration online.


Detailed information about the event click here.

To register click here.

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MIHA is pleased to announce that MIHA International Conference and Exhibition (MIHA ICE 2018) will be held from 22nd to 25th October at Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The theme “Mainstreaming Industrial Hygiene”, is aligned with the global focus of Industrial Hygiene and aspiration of Malaysia’s Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Master Plan 2020. Through this sharing platform, we aspire to strengthen the IH practices and intensify IH focused research.

Here is what the week will look like:

Professional Development Courses (PDCs) on 22nd – 23rd October which will cover various subjects from Noise Control, Nanomaterials Risk Management, Human Factors Engineering in Design, Ventilation in a Confined Space as well as Ethics in IH.

Conference Proper: 24th and 25th October will include plenary presentations from practitioners and SMEs from organisation such as WHO, DOSH, SOCSO, Universities, Industries within Malaysia and international arena. Exhibitions showcasing the latest development in IH will also be available

To facilitate the growth of the next generation IH leaders, we are hosting 2nd International Student Symposium (ISS) on 23rd October. 

On 24th October we will be celebrating MIHA 15th Anniversary and we are inviting all conference attendee to join us at the Dinner.

 To register, simply go to or for more information. You will also enjoy early bird rate if you register on or before 31 August 2018.

On behalf of MIHA ICE 2018 committee, we thank you in advance for your kind effort in promoting Occupational Safety and Health for the betterment of our workforce.

Should you have any queries, kindly contact us via

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The newsletter of the Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association (IIHA): Chemical Hazards at Work for March 2018 Edition is now available.

Read a special article written by IIHA General Secretary, Madam Mila Tejamaya, SSi, MOSH, PhD.


You can access and download IIHA Newsletter: Chemical Hazards at Work for March 2018 Edition by clicking here

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At the second year of IIHA (Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association) since the first time the organization was launched last year (31 May 2017), IIHA ran “IIHA-CONNECT 2017”. There were three main agendas which are Conference, Exhibition, and Training. The theme chosen for this year conference was “Managing IH as Integrated Element of HSE”. Over 200 industrial hygiene and HSE practitioners from various industries and institutions attended the conference that held in Margo Hotel of Depok, West Java at 6 May 2017. The opening ceremony of the conference was symbolized by beating a gong by SKK Migas (Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities – Republic of Indonesia) representative Mr. Nurwahidi (Head of Operations Support and Oil and Gas Safety Division SKK Migas) and was accompanied by IIHA President (Elsye As Safira, SKM, MKKK, MSc., HIMA, CIH) and IIHA Board of Advisory Chairman (Sjahrul M. Nasri, Dr., Ir., MSc-Hyg, HIU).

Symbolization of IIHA-CONNECT 2017 Opening

A day before the conference, IIHA carried out four sessions of industrial hygiene trainings with the following topics:

  • Key Principles of Industrial Hygiene Monitoring [by Elsye As Safira, SKM, MKKK, MSc., HIMA, CIH / President of IIHA]
  • Chemical Hazard Communication according to GHS [by Mila Tejamaya, PhD / General Secretary of IIHA]
  • Vibration: OEL and Measurement [by Sjahrul M. Nasri, Dr., Ir., MSc (Hyg), HIU / Advisory Board Chairman of IIHA]
  • Ergonomic Study [by Baiduri Widanarko, PhD / Treasury II of IIHA]


By attending the training, participant gained credits that will be accumulated for further professional certification. The topic of training was defined based on review process conducted by a commission under Training Division of IIHA. Feedbacks / proposal from IIHA members were also considered.


In addition to the internal speakers, IIHA invited international and external speakers to broaden the insight of the participants and enrich their experience in the field of industrial hygiene implementation. Related to the theme, two keynote speakers – Brian Eva, COH (Secretary of Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists / AIOH) and Norhazlina Mydin, MS, CIH, CPIH (President of Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association / MIHA) explained the strategies in managing industrial hygiene programs and integrating it into overall HSE program. They offered best and applicable approaches based on their own experiences which were very beneficial for our local hygienists. Other speakers with the respective topic of presentation during the plenary session were Sjahrul M. Nasri, Dr., Ir., MSc (Hyg), HIU with IIHA Professional Certification, Wenny Ipmawan, Ir., MKKK with IH Risk Management, and Soehatman Ramli, Ir., Dipl.SM with HSE Risk Management Program.

Moderator, speakers, and IIHA representatives for Plenary Session 1. L to R: Mr. Susatyo (moderator), Mr. Sjahrul (speaker), Mr. Brian Eva (speaker), Ms. Elsye (IIHA President), Ms. Norhazlina (speaker), and Ms. Mila (IIHA General Secretary)

Moderator and speakers for Plenary Session 2. L to R: Mr. Wenny (speaker), Mr. Hendra (moderator), Mr. Soehatman (speaker)

In term of IH qualification, speakers agreed that profession of industrial hygiene requires specific qualification that cannot be achieved only through a short course and pass the exam. It needs a gradual competency development programs that are internationally recognized, and adequate professional experience in the field of industrial hygiene. Other thing was the important of conducting risk assessment and uses the result of it to develop risk-based industrial hygiene program.


This event was not only aimed to preserve an annual tradition of the organization, but more than that to provide all members with the access to quality education sessions, broader network, updated standards and technology in industrial hygiene field in order to improve their professional competency.


See you in the next IIHA events…


Photos of IIHA-CONNECT 2017

Ms. Elsye as IIHA President & Mr. Nurwahidi as speaker from SKK Migas

IIHA-CONNECT 2017 participants

Ms. Elsye gave an opening remark

One of Indonesian traditional dances named Bajidor Kahot

IIHA-CONNECT 2017 participants

Ms. Elsye with doorprize winners

Ms. Elsye  & Ms. Iting from IIHA with  moderator & speakers for Concurrent Podium 1. L to R: Mr. Finanta, Mr. Aditya, Ms. Elsye, Ms. Muthia, Ms. Mila, Ms. Iting, and Ms. Kenya

Mr. Asduki from IIHA with mederator and speakers for Concurrent Podium 2. L to R: Mr. Asduki, Mr. Frans, Mr. Fauzi, Mr. Hendra, and Mr. Hendry


Presentation Slides of IIHA-CONNECT 2017


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The newsletter of the International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA): Global Exposure Manager for December 2016 Edition is now available.

Read a special article on page 3 written by IIHA President, Madam Elsye As Safira, MSc, CIH. There’s a brief explanation about Industrial Hygiene in Indonesia and IIHA as a new member of IOHA.

Another issues in this newletter are:
– IOHA past and present activities
– Report from November Board Meeting
– Meeting reports: South Africa, Malaysia, and Norway
– ILO’s Global Action Programme
– Vietnam project improves conditions for textile workers
– A round-up of latest news from Chemical Risk Manager

You can access and download IOHA Newletter: Global Exposure Manager for December 2016 Edition by clicking here

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On October 11—12, 2016, IIHA, in partnership with Center for Assessment and Application of Occupational Health and Safety (known as Pusat Kajian dan Terapan Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (PKTK3) Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Indonesia), held our very first workshop on Heat Risk Assessment and Chemical Risk Assessment at Gedung Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan Universitas Indonesia.


The workshop was presented by Prof. Dino Pisaniello, FAIOH, FSIA, FRACI, lecturer from School of Public Health, The University of Adelaide, as well as the External Board Advisor of IIHA.

The workshop was opened by a welcoming speech by Mrs. Elsye As Safira, SKM, MKKK, MSc, CIH, President of IIHA. Then it proceeded with a pre-test session and a nano lecture before focusing in two explanatory lectures. The lectures were not only focusing in theory but also case studies, group discussions, and practice.




Participants were divided into groups for discussion.

Heat Risk Assessment Workshop was held on the first day. The suggested workshop outcomes were:

  • Outline the occupational health significance of heat stress;
  • Characterize sources of heat stress within the working environment;
  • Understand the nature of heat strain on the body;
  • Understand procedures for the assessment of a hot environment through appropriate measurement and other means;
  • Evaluate the likely risk from exposure to heat stress;
  • Suggest appropriate control approaches for the hot environment.

Chemical Risk Assessment Workshop was held on the second day. The suggested workshop outcomes were:

  • Outline the occupational health significance of chemical hazards;
  • Describe the main routes by which hazardous chemicals can enter the body, and the factors which influence their absorption;
  • Describe relevant sources of information on hazardous chemicals and processes;
  • Understand the role of epidemiology and toxicology in chemical health risk assessment;
  • Describe the general approach to health risk assessment, including the role of atmospheric monitoring and dermal exposure assessment, and biological monitoring;
  • Select appropriate equipment to measure selected airborne contaminants and devise a suitable sampling strategy;
  • Understand reporting guidelines for health risk assessment purposes to enable management to comply with relevant legislation;
  • Suggest appropriate control approaches for chemical exposure.

Mr. Taufik, one of the participants, shared his opinion about a case related to heat risk.

In the lecture, Prof. Dino Pisaniello emphasized that it is important for hygienists and hygiene students to not only think about the technical risk assessment issues, but also appreciate the epidemiology and perceptions of both workers and professionals. He also encouraged the participants to share their own experiences in industrial hygiene and discuss them with the whole class.


Prof. Dino Pisaniello and Mrs. Ratih, one of the participants, during Q&A session.

The workshop was attended by a total of 27 people from various industries or backgrounds. For added fun, door prizes were given away at the end of the workshop. The winners were handpicked by Prof. Dino Pisaniello himself.







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The September issue of the IOHA newsletter, Global Exposure Manager, is now available on the IOHA website ( . The newsletter can be directly accessed and downloaded here.

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