IIHA-CONNECT 2019: Call For Abstract!

IIHA-CONNECT 2019: Call For Abstract!

Since being held in 2016 at the first IIHA-CONNECT, each year this event is regularly attended by regional and international speakers and other HSE professional associations.

The 4th IIHA-CONNECT in 2019 is even more special because the IIHA also hosts the IOHA (International Occupational Hygiene Association) Board Meeting. This is expected to attract even more regional and international participants.  In 2019, IIHA will bring together industrial hygiene experts, practitioners and academics again, as well as health and safety goods and services companies to share knowledge, experience, and expertise in IIHA CONNECT 2019 with the theme:


This event will be held on:

Venue: Prime Plaza Hotel & Suites, Bali, Indonesia
Day: Monday – Wednesday
Date: 9 – 11 September 2019
Time: 07.30 – 17.00 WITA

DAY I, 9th September 2019
08.00 – 17.00 WITA
PDC 1 : Heat Stress Management (Trainer: Hanafi Basuni, CIH, CHRO)
PDC 2 : Noise control (Trainer: Venessa Thelan, Carey Murphy and Jeremy Trotman)
PDC 3 : Size-selective Aerosol Sampling (Trainer: CQ Chih-Chieh Chen J, PhD, CIH)
PDC 4 : Chemical Risk Assessment (Trainer: Joost van Rooiij)

DAY 2, 10th September 2019
08.00 – 17.00 WITA
PDC 5 : Industrial and Office Ventilation (Trainer: DR. Sjahrl M. Nasri, MSc in Hyg)
PDC 6 : Limitation and Advantages of Direct Reading Occupational Hygiene Instruments (Trainer: Aleks Todorovic)
PDC 7 : Fatigue Assessment and Management (Trainer: Derek Miller)
PDC 8 : Exposure to Toxic Substances (Trainer: Andre Winkes)

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11TH September 2019
07.30 – 17.00 WITA

A. Keynote Speaker:
– Minister of Manpower Republic of Indonesia
– President of International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA)

B. Platform Presenters:
– Representatives from Asian Network of Occupational Hygiene (ANOH)
– HSE practitioner from the Middle East, DR. Ahmed Alyami
– Representatives from oil, mining, and manufacture company
– Representatives from Universitas Udayana
– Representatives from Universitas Indonesia
– President of Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene (AIOH)
– Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association (MIHA)

C. Parallel Classes
In parallel classes, there will be some presentation from experts, students, and representatives from related companies about health and safety implementation in the workplace as well as the development of knowledge and technology in health and safety. The themes for parallel classes will cover the following topics:
1. Exposure Assessment
2. Occupational diseases -related issues
3. Toxicology
4. Ergonomic and Human Factors
5. Hazard Control Measures
6. Radiation safety
7. Smart technology for Industrial Hygiene
8. Biological hazard
9. General HSE

Abstract Guidelines 4th IIHA-CONNECT 2019
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9TH September 2019
07.00 – 17.00 WITA
This exhibition will be participated by many companies in the field of:
– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) providers
– Health and safety services providers,
– Industrial hygiene laboratory,
– Environmental laboratory,
– Providers of tools related to health and safety,
– Medical services provider,
– Other industries


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