About IIHA

The Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association (IIHA) is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental professional credentialing organization. IIHA was established on the 12th January 2016 and officially approved by Ministry of Human Right and Law – Republic of Indonesia by the 10th February 2016 (approval letter No.: AHU-0023179.AH.01.07.TAHUN 2016). The aims of IIHA are:

  • To provide professional standards for its members on becoming a professional industrial hygienist in delivering services through integrity and professionalism.
  • To increase the highest professional competency for its members in order to compete internationally in the field of Industrial Hygiene.

IIHA has become affiliate member of International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) and Asian Network of Occupational Hygiene (ANOH) since 2016. IIHA now has more than 300 members whom resides throughout the country and works across various industries. The vision and mission of IIHA are:


“IIHA’s vision is to become a well-recognized organization with excellent reputation in developing professional competency of industrial hygiene resources to protect worker’s health and safety”


Above vision can only be achieved through the following actions as organization’s mission:

  • Set the best fit standards of industrial hygiene profession for all applicable industrial sectors.
  • Provide educational programs, trainings, and other professional development courses or events to improve and develop industrial hygiene competency in Indonesia in anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling environmental factors, stressors in and out of the workplace to protect worker’s (including community) health, and maintain environmental sustainability.
  • Establish internationally recognized certification program in the country for all industrial hygiene professional levels.
  • Create scientific atmosphere by establishing research activities that may include hazard identification, dose-response study, health risk assessment, measurement of hazards or exposure assessment, and cost-effective or applicable control method selection.
  • Contribute to the task-force formed by governmental agency in setting / reviewing national occupational exposure limit.
  • Provide members and public with access to industrial hygiene related publications to update them by the latest standards, best practices, study or research reports, regulations, books, etc.

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