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Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association (IIHA) has become affiliate member of International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) and Asian Network of Occupational Hygiene (ANOH) since 2016.


Benefits for IIHA members are as follows:
• Get international recognition from IOHA and ANOH for every IIHA event
• Get discount for any activities organized by IIHA
• Get a priority to be able to attend limited seats-IIHA training
• Get a chance to attend certain IIHA training for free
• Get access and can download articles and e-newsletter on the IIHA website


Starts from February 2017, IIHA imposes a membership fee. There are 2 IIHA membership fee payment options for non-student members and 1 option for student members, as follows:
Options for Non Student Member Fee
• Fee paid per year                  : IDR 250.000, –
• Fee paid per 3 years             : IDR 500.000, –
Option for Student Member Fee
• Fee paid per year                    : IDR 100.000, –


The membership fee can be transferred to:


BNI  Bank – Branch Universitas Indonesia, Depok

p.p. Indonesian Industrial Hygiene Association


Join us to be part of International Industrial Hygienist community by completing the membership fee and online registration form.


IIHA Membership Registration Flow:

  • Prepare these items:
    • Passport photo file (max size 2Mb for .jpg, .png, or .pdf)
    • Transfer receipt file (max size 2Mb for .jpg, .png, or .pdf)
    • Student ID Card (only if you’re student)
    • IIHA Membership card (only if you have it)
  • Click “Register Nowbelow
  • Fill IIHA Membership form according to the instructions
  • Ensure that all required data has been entered correctly, including:
    • Passport photo file
    • Transfer receipt file
    • Student ID Card (only if you’re student)
    • IIHA membership card (only if you have it)
  • Click “Submit”. Finish.
  • You will receive an email as proof that your registration data has been received by us.

Registration flow-ENG-Rev.02


We also encourage you to read our Code of Ethics .

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More info:

Email  :

CP        : Stevan Sunarno (+62 856 9805 005)

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